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Old 2003-03-04, 00:06
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Bug in NN-XT , I can't find any solution!

Hello, My problem is in NN-XT, I have recently formatted my computer , installed a new harddrive and am using a new operating system, I burned all my samples and .rns files on to a cd. Now my problem is when I try and load up the .rns files, the nn-xt can't find certain samples because I have re-organized and burned all my samples on to CD-R's before formatting my computer, so I search for them on my harddisk, seems like no problem, but WAIT, all the sample start points for each sample ARE LOST, all sample start points are at 0. Doesn't matter if I search for it, or replace the sample, or just point it to the location of the sample, the start points still get reset to 0. Now, the way I sample things, the start point is CRUCIAL to the sampling, I usually have a 30 second phrase loaded 20 to 50 times with different start points on each sample (down to the exact millisecond), and I don't know how to get them back to the saved start points, my only option left is to move the samples to the exact directory that they were in when I saved the .rns file, but there is no way to find out what directory the samples were in...
the dialog box says what sample is missing but it doesn't say what directory the sample was in....
any ideas what I can do ?
I am going kind of nuts here, and this messageboard is my last resort.
if anyone has any solution to this problem, PLEASE respond, I don't know what to do..


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