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Music Director needed for TV Show

Hello everyone. I am producing an Access TV show and need music for it. The show is called Next Level TV and it is about taking life to the next level with everything from just getting off the couch to adventure.

We have two beautiful hostesses who are doing a teriffic job but I need some really PHAT music for the show. It has to be very HI energy, a lot like what you hear in movie trailers but never hear in the actual movie.

Since we are an access show I'll be up front and tell you there is no direct pay but we are a multimedia company and will set up a site for you off of the main site for the show where we will market your music. We will also do video's and a variety of cool things to help you while you help us. This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking for a nice little break. Everyone involved makes a pact to take the rest of us with them when we "make it".

Check it out and thanks.
Next Level TV

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