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Old 2003-03-08, 02:07
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So your album is almost done? Now what? Free Distribution!

Disclaimer: Well its not a get rich quick scheme and it applies to many people here but this is kind of a spam as I work for the company.

But since the company has not launched yet think of it as a little heads up.

I am mentioning this here because I know that a lot of people would love to be able to get CDs out for nothing.
I am working for a new company that does CD distribution called Lightning CD.
LCD uses a radical new technology that allows users anywhere in the world to D/L CDs safely (for the artists) and efficiently (for the users).
If anyone is interested we are going to be running a promotional offer where some of the first projects that sign up are eligible for free (yep I said free) distribution of their CDs.

If you are interested you should go to the site at and sign up on the mailing list.

And that is your inside track from me for the day!

Lightning CD is all I am going to be using for distribution!

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