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Old 2003-03-09, 23:27
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Here is the solution to audio recording in Reason...

many detractors don't want audio recording in Reason because they say it would make Reason unstable. well now there are other programs that work with Reason via rewire so here's my solution post your opinions please.

now many have said that they used the sampler in Reason well in order for anything to be a sampler it must record samples of sound, music, etc...

so many need to stop being so sensitive about reason, when in fact the NN-XT and NN-19 are just sample players. they don't record audio so they are not samplers at all. period!!

now Recycle is more of a sampler than the falsely advertised samplers in Reason. now if Recycle could rip audio cd's it would make it a sampler in a sense but not fully, because it still doesn't record audio.

but what if Props implemented simple audio recording in Recycle? it already presents audio in waveform, so then all it would need then is to connect to Reason via rewire.

it would be very pleasing if you could then view both simultaneously, with recycled channelled through the Dr. Rex player.

with options like being able to export Rex files of the recording in the sequencer. the Rex files still can be sliced so you wouldn't have to rewind to the beginning to hear it.

maybe i'm not to clear on this one but i'll try.

Recycle has an equalizer , transient shaper, and envelope functions, which all have presets. so if Recycle could record audio input and you add these along with the new effects that are in Reason 2.5 this combines to be an easy but great recording program.

what is good is that you can view audio input in decibels which isn't in Reason. but Recycle has that feature already. so to me the obvious thing would be to add audio input in Recycle with the option of rewire. being able to manipulate parameters in Reason, or Recycle via rewire would be fantastic.

so right now if Recycle had audio input with rewire capabilities with use of Reason's new effects, and an option to export each recording as a Rex file into the sequencer. where as you can create a sequencer track for each take " or recording " would work very well.

from there you can mix each take in the mixer and add whatever effects you would like while recording or there after. i think that would stomp out all these other companies like little roaches, i'm getting chill bumps thinking about this whewww.

for those that say that they wouldn't want audio recording in Reason might leave their so beloved recording apps alone, hell they might even remove it from their computer....LMAO.... hey yall holla back tell me what you think about that idea for audio recording in Reason?

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