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Old 2003-03-10, 18:46
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Getting a Dr.Rex Loop to change pitch using MIDI

Hello peeps,

Just a quick question, does anybody know how I might "adjust the Octave range of your MIDI keyboard so that you can play the very bottom notes C-2 to C0." as mentioned in the recent Dr. Rex tutorial - I've been looking to do this for ages and I simply have no idea. Does this depend on the type of MIDI keyboard I'm using for input or is it something which I can change on my computer? All I seem to be able to do at the moment is play the individual slices from a rex loop with the lower end keys of the keyboard. It would be ideal if I could use the first Octave of keys to change the whole pitch. Don't think I've got much in the way of flexibility on the keyboard since its old and was pretty cheap, so I doubt if theres an option for changing things on that. Who knows?

All ideas appreciated.

MG (Tweak)

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