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Reason 2.5 suggestion

I was thinking of a way Reason 2.5 could be improved. And I would like to hear everyone's opinion or thoughts on this suggestion. I would like to have something like a "saved history". Let me explain. I work on Sonic Solutions software at the studio where I work. It keeps the last 4 "saves" versions. And everytime you save, it just moves everything down. Example, you save a song called "Kick Butt". When you save it again, it takes the first version and renames it as "Kick Butt.rs1" And when you save it again, it renames the original as "Kick Butt.rs2" So, you can have the most recent save "Kick Butt" and then the last 4 versions "Kick Butt.rs1", "Kick Butt.rs2", etc. So you can have up to 5 saved versions in case you goofed something and want to go back to the original. I would like this because I'm constantly saving files so I don't loose anything. But, I hate having to do "save file as" so I can have every version. Thoughts and/or comments would be appreciated!


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