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got damn computers.

It's quite funny how reason and some other audio products are the least moved or concerned with systemspecific details and problems.

For my issue, I have a athlon on a asus a7a266 mobo with a via chipset.
When i use audio (tracks) in cubase it gives me the crackle, however not i ableton. but ableton does not sport any vsti so that's another issue anyhow.

I'm pretty dissapointed with the via ordeal and amd performance.

Reason and cubase works good togheter however, or pretty good.

Anyways, I would like to inquire in other possible solutions. I intend to get an Audiophile 2496 card soon, and I know this will cause some problems with my current system, however I do intend to upgrade that.
Right now i'm thinking on going with a pentium 4 and non via based chipset. However, just because I don't use amd or via dosen't mean i'm free from problems.
My goal is a semi pro music production system (i have a pair studiomonitors, midi controllers, etc) but also a neat gaming and internet machine, of course, this would be dived with partions and diffrent os.

any ideas ?

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