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Old 2003-03-13, 04:46
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getting the most out of midi controllers

hi, i'm running reason 2 with abletons live. I am using an oxygen 8 and an evolution uc-16. I have a total of 24 assignable knods and one slider at my disposal. I know how to assign my knobs to control various different parameters on different devices and I know how to access the presets on my uc-16. I just don't feel as if I am getting the most out of my controllers, and to tell the truth I don't really understand the how and why behind midi. Like how to program my own presets for say a malstroem, or any other device. etc.

Yes, I know, read the manuals, and I have, except it seems the manuals have been written for those who know what the hell midi is all about. I'm just not getting it. I've downloaded a nice little pdf entitled "taking the mystery out of midi" and this has helped a little.

I guess what I am asking for is some advice. Where can I go to learn how to get the most out of my devices, be it online or a book, whatever. Any advice would be, as always, greatly appreciated.

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