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Old 2003-03-18, 06:00
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Audigy 2 owners, please read: 24 bit 96 kHz recording

Greetings all,

I thought I'd post this after finding it through a review posted on Anandtech. Many users here have decided to go with an Audigy 2 for their soundcard, and while it serves quite well there is one caviet to recording in 24 bit / 96 kHz effectively. The following instructions are quoted from a post made by CosmoKramer in the 3DsoundSurge Forums. It presents an excellent guide to recording at 24 bit 96 kHz effectively. Hope some find it useful:

"For some time now I have been posting here and elsewhere about at first whether the Audigy 2 can playback/record 24/96 (and other 24-bit formats) without downsampling at all, and then what it takes to "activate" this capacity. Some of my posts may have been contradictory and I'm sorry about that, it's just that this card is a piece of work as you'll see. All of the following can be tested by yourselves if you have a 3.5 mm cable with males in both ends to connect the primary Line Out to the Line In (or the Live! Drive) and a good wave editor such as Cool Edit Pro 2.0 or SoundForge 6.0. So, let's break it down:

Recording: 24/96 recording works fine with the requirement that you must record from Line In (maybe from the Mic In as well but I haven't tested that). If you choose any other internal recording option such as "What U Hear" or "Wave/MP3" the card will limit either the recording or the playback (impossible to tell) to 16/48.

Playback: There are quite a few requirements to get 24/96 etc to work and they aren't all obvious...

1) A 24/96 compatible wave/mp3 player such as Winamp 2.81

2) CMSS1 and CMSS2 must be disabled

3) Any equalizer or other EAX effects must be off. To do this go to EAX Console and in the "Effects" tab make sure the box "Enable Audio Effects" is unticked.

4) Speaker Calibration. Only Basic Calibration or no calibration at all is compatible with 24/96 audio. This means that if you have used Advanced Calibration all 24/96 audio is sent through the DSP and downsampled to 16/48. Warning! Simply unticking the "Speaker Calibrator Selection" box is not enough if you previously were using Advanced Calibration. You must either load a saved Basic Calibration config or go through the Basic Calibration process. Then you can untick the "Speaker Calibrator Selection" box if you like. Weird but true.

Some peculiarities for those of us who use Winamp 2.81 with high resolution input plugins (such as MAD and Shibatch) and ASIO and resampling Wave/DirectSound output plugins.

ASIO: Only works at 16/48. Probably the best 16/48 playback you can get out of this card.

Wave: Fully compatible with 24/96. A limitation of WinXP is that only software mixing is possible with wave. This may be the reason that (according to my measurements) the noisefloor is higher than DirectSound's (see next point).

DirectSound: Fully compatible with 24/96 audio IF you check the "Allow hardware acceleration" box under the Device tab in the DirectSound SSRC output plugin properties. Otherwise Windows (or the driver) will downsample to 16/48.

Now that I've figured this damn thing out ( I hope...) I won't bother you with contradicting info anymore
Note! All written above assume driver version .323 and WinXP SP1. Also Audigy 1 users: don't even think about trying to get 24/96 audio out of your card. The Audigy 1 is a 16/48 card and if you force it to "play" 24/96 the FR will look like this. "

Link to the original thread can be found here:
Some clarification concerning the A2 and 24/96...

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