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Old 2003-03-24, 03:46
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having trouble making good tracks???

its not the program or gear you are using. its you!!! you f**king suck! its not reason or cubase or logic, or fruityloops, or an mpc2000, or an sp1200. shit, jimmy jam and terry lewis made janet jackson's control on a damn ensoniq mirage! do any of you know what its like to work on a board like that, the display has like 2 spots for either a number or letter! your tracks dont sound good because you re not in a million dollar big budget studio with a nieve, chances are you d f**k that up too. its not because spectranalysis shows a loss of audio quality, its because spectranalysis shows you freaking stink at making music!!! making electronic music isn't easy, so dont feel bad. you basically have to be, arranger, composer, band leader, everything. and if you do it out of your house chances are you dont have studio musicians at your beck and call. not an easy game, hard to be good at, many people just like you, just cant cut it, its ok. you havent done your homework and learned the techniques you need to be successful at making a good recording, you havent learned about mixing and sound design techniques, or learned about mastering and eq ing and proper havent referenced your work on many types of systems to figure out why your mixes suck. hell you might not even know any music theory or how play an instrument(not that these are necessary, but they sure dont hurt) so keep thinking the reason other people make better tracks than you because they have some bell or whistle you dont, or the sound quality on your gear isnt "pro". and then when you get tired of feeling sorry for yourself, go look in the mirror and point your finger at the source of your problems. you have no excuses there are tons of ways to make great music now, many of them very affordable, and with any skill and luck and alot of persistence, you can get noticed from the projects you make in your living room, and end up with access to a "pro" studio, in which you will find that you werent missing out on what you thought u were anyway, except some cool analog stuff and 2 inch tape!

sorry, just a rant on people that make excuses and point to everything but themselves when it comes to their shortcomings. hell it has even applied to me at one time or another. i welcome any thoughts and flames, peace, j

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