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Drum samples..sample CD's

I'm just throwing this out there, but it seems like few people i.e. drummers, engineers, sample cd creators, get creative with the way their drum kits sound.

Is it just me, or is ?uestlove from The Roots the only drummer who makes sure his drums sound different from song to song? That's hip-hop for you though. But why aren't other groups doing the same thing? Who else is concerned about drums the way ?uest is?

There's no question something like the ns_kit sound great, but from what I heard so far it sounds like every drum kit out there. I got some similar sounding one from the Primesounds deal the Props gave us. And one of the reason's I'm kind of afraid to buy Doru's 8000 drums cd, is I'm afraid the samples are gonna just sound like real boring drums. Hopefully not, but we'll see after someone reviews the cd what the verdict is.

I'm saying if you're spending a grip of time making these sample cd's, spend a little more time and get creative with your mic'ing and whatever. Hell, throw some pickle juice on the snare, let it dry, then have a midget hold the mic record the kit onto a supermarket brand cassette tape, if it sounds fresh keep it.

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