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New acoustic drum refill (and free!)

Hi all,

My first drum refill is finally out (link below). This is an acoustic drum kit done with samples from KAT/Alternate Mode, with normal stick and brush variations. All drums and most cymbals are multi-sampled in stereo, and the result is a very expressive and "playable" kit. It's fantastic for live play from MIDI drum controllers.

Please download and have fun. It's free, and I only ask that people send me feedback ( which I'll put to use in a "pro" version of the refill.

Note: open the song files first! There's one for each kit. The NN-XT presets route submixes to individual outputs, so refer to the song file (or better yet, copy-n-paste) for how to best use the kit in your own songs.

Best regards,

And now the link:
Alternate Elements refills by KAT/Alternate Mode

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