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This cont'd from yesterday

:Although I am not sure exactly what you are getting :at.

the disposable daily nature oif this board....threads get passed on so easily past/passed this thread is from 24hrs ago & I'm reposting at the top to try to keep it current...........we need the triangle folding & unfolding threads here......leaving every subject line open fills the pages so quickly......& we end up switching pages so quickly......sillly really.....that's what I'm on make a continuous discussion that doesn't disappear so quickly.......& as the user base grows, so duz the posts fall quickly back...& it's like trying to stay afloat in a raging river so Im sure maintaining this board can be a handful....that's been my point about the navigation of this board since day one for me here....springs, whipperbot, whatever.......that bad attitude & gruff exchange was so commonplace here......& goes on & on.....

my other point in response to the post I quoted from geoge's post:

nes always shouting "RTFM!"
:in my opinion, these people just wanna be admired
:for being registered users and say this very often
:so everybody can see their little "i am registered so
:i am pro and above the things"-button

I'm saying: I want to be admired for bein a good person, family member & musician & this machine is a studio in a the software & music becomes so much easier to compose & knock out quick mixes offline......fantastic.....I need to upgrade to 2.0......or 2.5.....

:ell was kind enough to point out that I was being a
:n ass, which I was, without being too assy about it.

& Mr. Amitopiell has helped me in similar ways here before.....especialluy trying to help with damage control generated from the flamebot's corner.....there is a good community here.....& yet Mr. Springs personal support site & journalistic outlet on this board was surely not what the PHed's had in mind for their site either & why that situation was curtailed......uh, but that's not the point I'm on about:

:And for a while Springs attacked everyone equally.

yeah, I was commenting on that there as well

Mr. Amitopia has also often directed me to pages where I could view more of the message board in one go....& I'm still complaining regardless.


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