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Old 2003-04-02, 11:40
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Why did we only do Reload for Windows XP and Mac OS X?

Since a lot of people have been asking about this, here's an explanation on why Reload is only available for Mac OSX and Windows XP:

Part of the reason is that we are doing low level disk reading here (Akai disks are not compatible with any personal computer operating system), which has to be done partly different for each platform (including XP and 2000, we tested). So a big part of this is a question of where we spend our extremely limited time and resources.

As far as Apple goes, Mac OS 9 is dead and buried. All our titles will be X compatible as soon as we can ever get them there, and there will be a day where all our applications are X only!

While Windows 2000 is not a dead product such as Mac OS 9, there is no question of where things are heading. Work we do on non-current operating system versions has historically proven to very quickly become obsolete after we ship it. And since Reload is a new product, the decision was taken to only support the operating system that Microsoft recommends.

However, there is no real reason to despair. There are several other tools that do (or will do) what Reload does and a lot more too, for example CDXtract and Translator (applications we never intended to compete with). These are, and will forever remain, much more advanced tools than Reload! Reload is a small, free utility application for Reason users that only does one single thing, and does it very well. Just yesterday, we made the NN-XT format available to anyone who wants to develop applications supporting this format (it will be available from this website soon) so you can expect other converters to convert sounds into the NN-XT format in the future.

Where do you prefer we spend most of our development resources? On advanced conversion applications or on cool music applications? For us, the choice is very simple. Reload is a small utility and we'd like to keep it at that.

Right or wrong, good or bad, this is how we came to the answer to this question.

If this text feels familiar to some of you, it's because a slightly different version of it was posted on the Reload beta board a few weeks back.

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