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Old 2003-04-03, 00:45
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question about making refills

i downloaded the ns_kit6 samples from, loaded them into the NN-XT, and made a patch for them, with all the velocity layers laid out correctly etc. now i'd like to pack the samples and the patch into a single refill, which will hopefully be useful for other Reason users who want to use the ns_kit. (of course, i'll get permission from the ns_kit's creator, Douglas Whates, first.)

but i'm having a problem figuring out how to make a refill that includes both samples and a patch that refers to those same samples. when i load the samples and the patch into a refill using Refill Packer, the patch looks for the samples in my sample folder on my hard drive. if i make the refill, then delete the original set of samples, then try to load the patch from the refill, it tells me that the samples can't be found.

how can i make a patch that includes paths to samples in a refill that hasn't been made yet? do you see what i mean? could someone please explain this to me?

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