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Old 2003-04-03, 19:59
syrcle syrcle is offline
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Why first beat in bar one does not play in Cubase SX/Reason

I've noticed that when I playback Reason through ReWire in Cubase SX....the first beat of bar one, doesn't play (Sequence is playing back via the Reason sequencer). When I export the midi sequence and import it in Cubase to use the MIDI sequencer in Cubase to control the Reason instrument...instead of it not playing the first beat. the beat is played, and almost sustained as though cubase hickups and pauses and then the sequence plays normally. what's this all about? i used to get this happening in logic which is why I moved to cubase VST in the first place. What's the deal??? It only happens in Bar one. If I move the sequence to bar 2, it plays fine.

Does anyone run into this?


PowerMac G4 Dual 1GHz
2 x80GB ATA/100 HD
MOTU 1224
MOTU Fastlane USB

Mac OS 10.2.4
Cubase SX 1.052
Reason 2.0

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