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NNXT polyphony problem?


I've had Reason 2.0 now for about 6 days. I was doing some experimenting with the grand piano NNXT refill, and discovered that it doesn't really seem to appreciate me using the sustain pedal on my digital piano. I also have some piano midi files which exhibit the same problem - if you're holding down the sustain pedal it appears that the NNXT never lets any notes go, so when you've hit the number of keys that you have the polyphony set to (ie: 99), the NNXT stops playing any new notes! Surely it should toss out the oldest notes or quietest notes in order to play the new note? Or am I doing something wrong? Or maybe this is a bug that needs to be fixed? It's rather annoying to have the piano track go silent.

Has anyone else noticed this problem? or know of a solution?


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