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Regarding stereo width n stuff......

I've recently setup a template employing a master mixer & then a seperate mixer for each device type (ie: a mixer for Redrums, a mixer for Subtractors, a mixer for NN19s, etc...(still using 1.01)). Then each device's mixer goes stereo outs to master mixer ins panned hard left & right. I NEVER use stereo inputs to single channels....always left & right to seperate channels panned hard left & right. I find routing in this manner gets a fuller stereo width/sound reenforcement.

I don't have fx in that template, but I do find myself often using very similar fx routing on the device mixers (aux1 rvb1, aux2 phaser dist dist (yes, chaining multiple dists), aux3 chorus multiple delays aux 4 dly rvb2 or PEQs)...I pretty much never use the mixer fx chain.....& I certainly never master in Reason.


Someone recently posted this, and i wanna just get something going here, maybe we can all learn from it.

But i WAS doing exactly what he was doing, but i found that my mixes tended to get very muddy and crappy sounding very quickly.

But before i started doing that, i used mono signals all the time - just the left of everything - and my mixes sounded much clearer, but lower in volume, so i'd always be upping the master mix all the time.

My question is, whats the best most effective way to mix in Reason??

Using two channels for each device? using mono only? mono sends or stereo sends?

Personally, i find mono sends to be much more cleaner sounding than stereo sends, and mono connections the same. But do you lose the right channel of everything????

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