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Old 2003-04-04, 22:12
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SUPERDRUMS 8000 - review by Dave N (Reasonfreaks) !

Doru Malaia - Superdrums 8000
Reviewed by Dave N on April 4th 2003
Company: Doru Malaia
Score: 10/10
Price: $ 29

Sooo much choice, really everything a drumtrack might need.


From the guy who already brought us a very big bunch of free refills we are now seeing a large and high quality refill packed to the rim with drumsamples. No less then 8000 of them are present in this massive drumsound refill. Doru Malaia gets you to all the drums you will most likely ever need in your music making life. There's so much in this refill that i'm allready taking out the bandages coss my fingertips will burn after writing this review. In the refill you will find real drums recorded from drum kits in a professional studio. But also drumsounds created using (soft)synths of all kinds. There's really so much in there that it will take you a long time to listen to them all.

Let's have a closer look (listen) to these sounds.

BASS DRUMS (2400) - SNARES (2600) [SNARES-2436/BRUSHES-8/RIMS-126/ROLLS-30 ] - TOMS (413) - CYMBALS (1219) [HH-1008 / SPLASH-13 / CRASH-75 / RIDE-116 / CHINESE-7] - TAMBOURINES (170) - WOODBLOCKS (14) - TRIANGLES (54) - CLAVES (55) - MARACAS (14) - CABASA'S (26) - SHAKERS (63) - CASTANETS (9) - GUIROS (23) - VIBRASLAPS (12) - COWBELLS (38) - TAIKOS (17) - TIMPANI (34) - TIMBALES (21) - BONGOS (116) - CONGAS (153) - CUICAS (7) - KALIMBAS (15) - BAMBOOS (10) - STEEL DRUMS (89) - STICKS (7) - AGOGO BELLS (61) - SLEIGHBELLS (8) - TIBETANBELLS (7) - GONGS (16) - CHIMES (5) - CLAPS (246) - FINGERS (10) - WHISTLES (9) - REVERSES (59)

As you can see there are very much drumsounds in this refill. Now will many of you already think that for $29 you just can't get 8000 high quality usable drumsamples. Well, trust me when i say that you couldn't be more wrong. This is just essential stuff to get your hands on. There can't possibly be one reason not to order this cd.

How's the soundquality?
The soundquality is just great. All live drums have been recorded in 24 bit, then processed and dithered down to 16 bit to keep the filesize in order while still maintaining perfect clarity and overall soundquality. The drumsounds all sound very good and are clearly made by people who knew what they were doing. Doru is a well established musician in Romania and he works with a lot of professionals which helped him out to get to this remarkable product. Doru also made it very clear to me that all the samples are originals and that you won't find these sounds anywhere else, not on the internet and neither in any other sample collection.
It's also needless to say that this disc isn't made with one particular genre in mind. It's not only real drumkits which have been sampled. Lot's of sounds are synthetic to give you the best of both worlds. Many times drums are the samples one looks for everywhere. I know i always like to collect drumsamples from various sources. Either on the internet or commercial. Well, look no further, i think it's time to stop collecting because Doru Malaia has just delivered any drum sound one can possibly think of!!

2 Versions
This collection can be bought in 2 different versions. You can get it as a refill which clearly saves some hd space for you since the samples will get compressed then. But you can also buy the cd which has the seperate wav files on them for use in multiple programs and VSTi drumcomputers. Both discs have pro's and cons. Obviously will the refill version save you on hd space but it will also restrict you from using the samples in any other program or sample editor for any further tweaking of the sounds. Which the Wav version does allow. You can make that choice yourself and it doesn't cost you any more money. The set price is $29 for both versions. All samples can be used without any problems whatsoever. They are all originally created by Doru Malaia.

If you didn't pay close attention during the period you were reading this review i'll tell you once more: GET HOLD OF THIS COLLECTION!! Your life as a musician will be so much easier. There are so many great drum sounds in this refill that it will suit you for years to come. All sorts of drums can be found. From bassdrums to snares and from shakers to guiro's and all inbetween. This collection deserves a fat 10 coss it's unbelievable value for money and the quality is also rock solid!

This disc truly is the final word in drumsamples for sure!
Dave N ( adm. of Reasonfreaks )

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