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What has been you learning experience?

I've been using Reason for about a year now. I am coming to this with no music backround. I've been DJing for a few years but other than a genuine love of music and sound I've no training or backround.

My first few months were real slow, then after purchasing the tutorial CD things strted to make a little sense and I began putting together my first full tracks. I've posted one track (that I am not proud of) on this site, and have completed a few others - that for whatever reason, I don't feel are of a quality to be posted up and shared with anyone other than my close friends and fiancee'.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time downloading other peoples stuff and checking it out. Some stuff really blows me away and helps me to appreciate a bit more just what goes into all of this. I also pay attention and learn from the tracks I am downloading.

My own work in reason, lately, has consisted of mainly experiments - routing wires and hooking things up in different ways to see what kind of sounds I can come up with. I have an entire folder full of short loops that have yet to make it out of the "experiment" stage!

I find myself diving into whatever literature I can get my hands on, books on music theory, jazz, etc. Magazines, whatever. I just got the "usersguide to propellerhead reason 2" and am totally elated at the sheer amount of information present! I am majoring in graphic design and find myself juggling my official studies and my music studies - not to mention work and my personal relationships!

I haven,t completed a track in months, but that's OK because I am learning and having fun! What is my point in this? If you've the time I'd like to hear your learning experience, where you are at now with your music, any advice to a new user, etc!


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