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Digidesign strikes again!!!

Last week Digi has released core audio driver for Mbox and I was very happy for this but.....

1. Digi scientists have made a (out of Apple standards) single task driver, i.e. you can use it with just an application at a time so if you use, like me, to have an audio file streaming in background on iTunes or QT player and playing over in real time with Reason you are f***d;

2. this version requires the presence of Pro Tools 6.0.1 so if you want to leave it at home, for now, you can't;

3. better again, Digi's core audio driver doesn't recognize Stereo audio streaming (like the one implemented in Reason) so you can use Mbox with Logic, DP, Cubase, Ableton Live BUT NOT WITH REASON!!!!!!!!

So I'd like to send my congratulations to Digidesign for the good (sic!) job done and invite all people wanting to buy some Digi hardware to buy something other.

Boycott Digidesign!!!!!

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