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Old 2003-04-14, 20:04
drumyon drumyon is offline
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requested - XP tweaks for media production

I had a request for what I generally do to a new build of XPpro as media produciton host...
Here it is for better or worse...

Change Admin account and Password
Make a Backup Admin account (just in case)
No Internet or Modems just 100mb LAN card 3com 3C905tx for domain connectivity

- means checked or set |
un check or un set |
taskbar & start menu
Taskbar tab
taskbar appearance
-Taskbar on top
-Group Similar buttons
Notify area
-Show clock
start menu tab
-Display admin tools
-display Run
-enable drag & drop
-personalized menus
User accounts
change way users logon/off
Logon/off selection options
nothing ticked

Screensaver - NONE
Power options
Power schemes
-Always ON
Scheme Settings
Sounds & Audio
Sound Scheme
No Sounds
Remove Stupid MSN messenger
Add the following registry entries, both with a DWORD value of 1:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftMesseng erClientPreventRun
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftMesseng erClientPreventAutoRun

Uninstall the MSN messenger crap;
Start/Run then type this string
"rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %systemRoot%INFmsmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove"

Uninstall the leftover installation information;
Start/Run then type this string
"rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection BLC.Remove 128 %systemRoot%INFmsmsgs.inf"

(no quotes!)
end remove messenger...
Search registry for tourstart
delete all entries found.
Control Panel
System Properties
System restore tab
-turn off on all drives
Auto updates tab
-turn off auto updating
Remote tab
remote assistance
Allow remote assistance
remote desktop
allow remote connections...
Advanced tab
Visual FX tab
-shadows under menus
-shadows under mouse
-translucent selection
-show window drag content
-smooth screen fonts
-smooth scroll list
-background image for folder
-dropshadows for icons
-visual styles
processor sched
-background (!! for single proc only !!)
Memory usage
Virtual mem
-put page file on its own unique drive
set page file size = Total RAM size + 50%
Error Reporting
-disable error reporting
-notify on critical errors
Startup recovery tab
system failure
-write event to log
Debug info
Services to hack -- (man)= set to manual start (DIS)= DISable (auto)= set to automatic start
Admin tools
Alerter (man)
App Layer gateway (DIS)
App management (DIS)
Auto Update (DIS)
Background xfer svc (DIS)
Clipbook (man)
Com+ events (man) Started
Com+ app (man)
Computer browser (auto) Started
Crypto (DIS)
DHCP client (DIS)
Dist Link tracker (auto) started
Dist trans coord (man)
DNS client (auto) Started i run in a domain
Error Reporting (DIS)
Event log (auto) started
Fast user switch (DIS)
Help & Supp (DIS)
Human IDA (DIS)
IMAPI CD_burning (DIS)
Indexing (DIS)
ICF firewall (DIS)
Logical Diskman (auto) started
Logical Diskman Admin (man)
Messenger (auto) started
MS shadow copy (DIS)
net logon (auto) started
net meeting (DIS)
net connections (auto) started
net DDE (man)
net DDE DDSM (man)
NLA (man) started
NT LM sec supp (man)
Perf logs & alerts (man)
Plug & Play (auto) started
Portable Media (auto) started
Print spool (auto) started
Protected storage (auto) started
QoS rsvp (man)
Remote access conn man (DIS)
Remote desktop help (DIS)
RPC (auto) started
RPC Locator (man)
remote registry (DIS)
removeable storage (DIS)
routing remote acc (DIS)
Secondary logon (DIS)
SAM (auto) started
Server (auto) started
Shell detection (auto) started
Smart card (DIS)
Smart card helper (DIS)
SSDP discover (man) started
System event notify (auto) started
System restore (DIS)
Task Sched (DIS)
TCP/IP helper (auto) started
Telephony (DIS)
telnet (DIS)
Themes (DIS)
Universal P&P host (man)
Upload manager (DIS)
Volume shadow copy (DIS)
Web client (DIS)
Win Audio (auto) started
Win image acquisition (DIS)
Win installer (man)
Win Management instrumentation (auto) started
Win time (DIS)
Wireless config (DIS)
WMIperf (man)
Workstation (auto) started

Apply Service Pack and recheck settings



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