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Old 2003-04-16, 05:51
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MIDI controller data from another sequencer (Logic)


I'm trying to build a Logic 6 environment which allows me to manipulate various Reason module parameters from within Logic itself. I'm not quite sure if the difficulty I'm having has to do with Reason or with Logic.

I've got MIDI controllers working fine with Reason--I have an EZbus and I've gotten the EZbus' faders to work with Reason quite well. So I know that I have the MIDI remote working properly within Reason.

In Logic, I can cable a fader object to a rewire instrument and have that fader control the major controllers--volume, pitch bend, modulation, etc. I can't get it to control the more esoteric controllers, though. For example, I can't get the fader to control the Maelstrom's Osc A Wave, which according to the Reason MIDI Controller chart should be accessible via controller #21.

So it seems to me that Logic is either not sending controller data for the lesser used controller numbers or that I can't get Reason to respond to the control data from Logic. Any ideas?

Thanks very much.

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