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A new machine for the next version

I know - 2.5 is just edging out, but after reading the latest article on Mastering, and some other such things, I thought of something that I think would be useful:

A display-only machine, that shows a realtime frequency graph of the input. You know, so you could connect the input, and see whereabouts it sits in the overall frequency spectrum.

You'd probably want peak meters or something, to visualise it a bit better.

You can get a very basic (but not very useful) version with the new vocoder in 2.5 (or any vocoder with a realtime modulation display), but I really think it would be good to have an 'analysis' machine in a future version. It could possibly serve more purposes as well ?

Anyway, I know everyone else wants VST and midi-out and audio-in and stuff, so it probably doesn't sound like much.

Thanks for listening ;o)

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