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Old 2003-04-19, 00:20
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If anyone is interested: Final Scratch updated


Stanton and Native Instruments present Finalscratch v1.1, Powered by Traktor FS. DJs everywhere can look forward to even more powerful control over their digital music files. With Final Scratch v1.1, hardware control and software performance are fused into a whole new entity. FS v1.1 brings a whole new level of performance and flexibility for DJs looking to mix their digital files with hands-on, vinyl-style techniques. The future of digital DJing is literally at your fingertips.


Runs on Mac OS X (10.2.3) and PC/Linux*
Use turntables and vinyl records to control digital audio files
NEW! FS CD Adaptor Kit** enables use of any CD player as controller
Plays MP3, WAV, AIFF and Audio CD files
Assign the same file to both decks simultaneously
Waveform Display give accurate representation of the music
NEW! Dual color waveform indicates peaks and density of sound
NEW! Track mixing and track organization integrated in one application
NEW! Dynamic Playlist (automatically saves all played tracks in a playlist)
NEW! Integrated BPM detection
NEW! Play Counter and Play Time information for each track
NEW! Pitch readout showing current speed of time code record
NEW! Enhanced sound quality with the support of Traktor FS audio engine
NEW! De-emphasis Modeling for authentic scratching sounds
NEW! Automatic Gain Adjustment (plays all files at same volume)
NEW! Time Code Release Function (continues to play at same pitch without time code)
NEW! Single Controller Mode (control both software decks with a single turntable or CD player)
NEW! Improved Search Function (search 10,000 tracks within seconds)
NEW! Shows waveform in real-time for Audio-CD's
NEW! Variable Font Size
NEW! Adjustable output level
NEW! User customizable keyboard shortcuts
Mix between FS and analog records or CD's
Play audio CD's from your computer's CD-ROM drive
NEW! Plays two tracks from one CD simultaneously
Features on Mac version only:

NEW! Import iTunes library and playlists
NEW! Preview Deck (preview a track using the built-in soundcard)
NEW! Full Drag & Drop capabilities
NEW! Supports multiple CD-ROM drives and HD's connected to the computer

Contents of package:

Scratch Amp - Proprietary sound card, includes 2 phono inputs, 2 phono
outputs, 2 line outputs and 2 USB ports. Includes power supply.
3 FS Records - Included records are standard
Software - Final Scratch v1.1 for MAC OS X (10.2.3) and PC/Linux. Both versions in the same box.
All Cables - 4 RCA cables and 1 USB cable

Minimum Requirements:

Minimum: MAC OS X (10.2.3), G3 500 Mhz or G4 400 Mhz, 256 MB RAM
Recommended: MAC OS (10.2.3), G4 733 MHz, 512 MB RAM

Minimum: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 200 MB free space on the hard disk, USB Port, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Recommended: Intel Pentium III processor, 700 MHz clock rate or higher, 256 MB RAM, USB Port, Windows XP

Hardware Requirements (not included):

Any standard DJ mixer and two turntables.

*Runs on standard PCs, operating on Linux OS (all needed software included)
**Sold Separately.

Hmmm.... Pretty bad Ass!
DJ Drunken Master's all Reason Based music here

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