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Old 2003-04-22, 01:22
chansen chansen is offline
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UA-20, Reason 2.0.1, Live 2.0.3, Rewire - help please

Here's the problem:

I can rewire Reason to Live. I can see audio activity in Reason, I can see (and hear) audio activity in Live. I have a track set up in Live that has Reason as the source and tracks as Mix(L) and (R) - but I don't hear anything! - Am I missing an obvious "switch" or something? - I've checked Reason alone to make sure the sound card is set to the same drivers (it is - ASIO)... Is the Edirol UA-20 capable of playing sound from both simultaneously?

Also, I have successfully Rewired Reason to Sonar 2.2 - so I'm not a complete newbie...

Thanks in advance,

Chris Hansen
"grandpa mojo"

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