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Now that RELOAD exists.......

Who needs any other hardware or virtual synth package? With Reason 2.5, the added effects, and all of Reason's instruments, and now the ability to read AKAI sample CDs, why would anyone need VSTi instruments or feel the need to REWIRE into another software package (unless you already own them)? Looking back at Reason 1.0, it's come a long way! People used to blame Reason for sounding to thin or the songs always sounded like they were "made with Reason". I think those days are gone without having the need to rely on other applications.

I do realize we need still software like T-Racks and such for mastering our final pieces or Wavelab/Peak/Soundforge for tweaking audio files. I'm referring to spending more money on a sequencer, VST and VSTi plugins, just to avoid the "Reason" identity/sound that people claimed was it's weakness.


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