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NN-XT Automapping Drum Samples

Does anyone know if it's possible to automatically map a collection of drum samples chromatically across the keyboard starting at a specified key number (such as C2) in the NN-XT?

I see that Reason allows you to auto map samples according to their root key. While this is useful for pitched sounds, unfortunately, most drum samples have a default root key of C4. Consequently, all the drum samples end up stacked on top of one another.

I'm surprised this feature does not appear to be currently implemented in the NN-XT. I would think that most Reason users would be mapping drum loops, percussion samples, vocal phrases, dance FX, etc. - in other words, mostly non-pitched samples.

Very few people (as a percentage of all musicians using samplers) tend to create their own multisampled instruments from scratch. So it seems odd that the NN-XT would have an automatic mapping feature that is more suited for these types of sounds.

(Incidentally, in case someone decides to flame me and say that I'm obviously not a "power user" by posting this message, I would just like to say that I spent seven (long) years creating professional sample libraries. Given that, I'd still like to see an auto drum mapping feature in the NN-XT.)

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