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Old 2003-04-30, 10:35
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Laptop (Thinkpad R31) running Reason 1 questions

IBM Thinkpad R31 (Win XP HOME edition) running Reason 1.

1. Thinkpad seems cool regarding actual audio quality for monitoring, although I am getting a kind of low, tinny, background hum (sound is there even when Reason isn't running). Are there any tips for getting rid of the background hum/noise?

2. When running Reason on my desktop comp the CPU level is always really low ( a couple of green bars and it NEVER reaches the orange).
When running on the Thinkpad (mains or battery) it seems to sit just below the orange even when the program isn't running a track. Seems like something is chugging away in the background.

Any ideas as to what could be hogging the resources?
Weird thing is, the cpu level drops to zero when i scroll up and down the rack in Reason?? Could the cpu load be connected with my graphics setup?

Any tips regarding these issues would be thankfully received. Also, if anybody out there has any general tips for running Reason on a laptop/Thinkpad, these would be helpful as well.

Cheers people.

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