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Old 2002-09-27, 11:41
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Ive never been more anoyyed

First off, i love reason, more and more i neglect my synths, and other external gear.
But the past few days ive noticed how many times i start up reason and have to put in the sound bank cd, and orkster cd. For a cd check.

you change one thing on your computer and it asks for these cd's, and then the serial number, im afraid to install reason on my laptop, i dont want to have to carry the cd's and serial card around wherever i go.

I understand the props want to protect theyr software, but to the point of annoying theyr users?

Im getting away from hardware for the hassles they hold, it seems now that software is gaining those hassles as well.

Im not asking for much, not reason to have audio tracks, or abuilt in record scratcher, or other stupid requests, im just tired of being in the mood to make songs, and then have to got thru the process to start up reason which should be quik, at least to justify me into how much ive spent on my computer upgrading it to not havr to worry if it will run slow.



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