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Factory Sound Bank Not Found, Huh?

I just received my Logic 6 upgrade and was all excited to finally be able to run Logic and Reason (version 2.0) together (using ReWire) under OS X (version 10.2.5).

Unfortunately, when I launch Reason, the program cannot find the factory sound bank refill - the program seems to be looking for the wrong file name. The actual name is "Factory Sound Bank.rfl" but Reason is looking for a file named "Reason Factory Sound Bank.rfl" This happens regardless of whether Reason is running standalone or as a ReWire slave.

I tried reinstalling the program from scratch and I'm still experiencing the same problem.

This is really weird because I didn't have any problems in the past running Reason as a standalone application under OS X.

I did however upgrade the processor in my Mac with a 1GHz Sonnet CPU card. I haven't launched Reason since installing the upgrade so maybe that has something to do with it???

The Sonnet card has been working flawlessly with every other program so I doubt that it is the source of the problem.

Oh, one more thing, when I try to browse to the factory sound bank refill, nothing shows up in the browser - usually there are folders for the Subtractor, ReDrum, etc.

Very strange...

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