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chaining mixers?

hey all. i have a question about hardwiring reason's fx knobs to an external midi controller. as i see it, i have two options. i can either create a template using the 4 aux inputs for my fx or i can assign an effect to each instrument as i go. i want to set the template and leave it alone. i.e. 8 nnxt, 6 rex, (that's one mixer) and the next mixer has syth/matrix only. doing it this way gives me only 8 aux (4 each mixer) and therefore limits the number of effects i use for each mix. if i don't use a template and just assign fx as i create instruments i would have to reprogram the midi controller for each song... i have not figured out the right combination to allow me to be able to use all of the reson effects on one mixer. can i chain mixers to get more aux? seems exessive. any other ways of doing this?

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