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Bad File Format with 2.5 in OS X

Has anyone else been experiencing this? Reason files I worked on just prior to installing the update, now no longer open at all. Actually, they'll open, load a couple of sounds and then give me a bad file format error message.

I can't seem to figure out what cirtieria are determining whether or not a file and its associated sounds will produce this error with 2.5, but I suspect that it is an aiff problem. A lot of the aiff files that I am sure worked previously are now giving Bad File Format messages in the load window.

I've got 2.0.1 ready to reinstall, but I'd rather not. Anyone have any clues as to what's happening? I've done all the standard maintence things and just can't seem to figure it out. Am I going to have to wait for 2.5.1?

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