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Old 2003-05-11, 17:52
dannyrax dannyrax is offline
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XoNar made a point. He said that we did not told to prop that we love the upgrade. Now here is your chance.

Anybody who read this post stand up and clap your hands!!! Because props deserve a planetary standing ovation.

Well yeah it's kind of silly, because we won't be doing it at the same time and 'cause they can't here us but post a simple reply here in this thread so they can know you did!

If I can do it in the middle of a press room full of people (I'm at work!), you can!!! ;-)

Thank you props.

I'm even starting to have wet dreams involving Reason... hou... AH! COME ON MORE BASS... there... oh it's so good... Let's come in unison set at 16... HHHOOOUUU... Ho honey you vocode me up... so good... ;-)

Sorry for the minors

But why my co-workers are looking at me like that...? Now what's with the rope... Oh! They want to play the ''let's tie the crazy man over there'' game... hehe Kinky!




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