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Gate control of one drum channel

Dear peeps,

Silly question probably but I'm trying to get to grips with CV and Gate and wiring things together and I can't quite figure out something. The docs don't seem to help me, so I turn to you.

Quite simply I want one drum channel to act as the Gate to, say, the Subtractor and all the other drum channels to play as they are. This will allow me to have an exotic bass drum for example, while all the other drums, cymbals etc are played as normal.

How do I wire it so I get the bass drum through the Subractor into the mixer, but all the other drum channels straight from Redrum into the mixer? The way I have it at the moment the bass acts as a gate trigger to the Subractor OK, but ALSO plays as normal with the other drum channels. Me no want that! I want the bass drum only through the Subtractor.

Many thanks

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