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Redrum MIDI Mapping

I'm using Reason 2.0 on a PC running Windows 2000, primarily using ReWrire with Cubase SX 1.02.

In Cubase you can use the GM drum maps to map out certain keys on a MIDI controller to certain drum sounds. How can I map different keys from my MIDI controller (Edirol PCR-50) to different channels in Redrum?

I'm pretty used to the GM drum map and can play it fairly well on the keyboard. I load up drum sets in Redrum and the keys are just not what I'm used to.

Are these the defaults for Redrum channels to MIDI note numbers?
CH1 = C1
CH2 = C#1
CH3 = D1
CH4 = D#1
CH5 = E1
CH6 = F1
CH7 = F#1
CH8 = G1
CH9 = G#1
CH10 = A1

Now, if I was to add a second Redrum module what would the channels on the second Redrum module be mapped to as far as MIDI note numbers?

I have tried going MIDI right in to Reason as well as sending the output of the MIDI channel in Cubase to the Redrum module. Both of which produce the same results.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

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