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Old 2003-05-17, 21:10
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My first TV Show and I didn't even know it!

Well, my mother-in-law was watching TV the other day and she was watching TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) which has a show that the pastor of my church (Ed Young) does. Since she doesn't live here in Dallas, she catches his show on TBN where she lives. We've got a pretty good sized church here (bout 20,000 folks every weekend) and he's a really great communicator.

Anywho, She said she heard one of my Reason tunes on there! The guys that edit the video for that are buddies of mine, so they must've used it to be nice :-) I'll have to get the skinny from them on it.

Not like it was on a bigname show or anything, but it was nice to know it was on there. Probably a few million people view the show weekly, so its kinda cool.


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