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OT: Stinky girls

No, really. I've seen and heard it all. I've gotten used to the mandatory braindead summer hits we're exposed to every year. The Macarenas and the Las Ketchups and all the way back to Aqua's Barbie Girl,
Samantha Fox and Sabrina the boy toy. At least they all provided a good laugh.

But this is not funny. The depth and width of the incomprehensable, torturous badness of the Cheeky Girls (twins from Transsylvania) is just one bold step into the black void where no humanoids have gone before. Really. Check out these videos. Start with "Touch My Bum" and follow it all the way from the close-ups of their crooked teeth, the auto-tuned mongo vocals that are still off key, the dreadful accent, the Kylie hotpants (so 1999), the over-the-top repetition, the sheer annoyance of it all... if you're still alive and sane, try also "Take your shoe-sies off" and get told 2439 times to take your shoes off (by artists and dance posse who persistently wear shoes throughout the cheerleader-esque video). Went straight to #3 on the UK toplist.

Lord help us all... England mostly.

Tone-deaf bimbo disco here

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