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Dial A for aggravated (Redrum Help)

Livy's back again with another, probably self explanatory, question of the day But I am very greatful for your patience and response:

Okay so I read the Matrix tutorial at the main page and thought that a spiffy idea to route the redrum through the various matrixes and sure enough it sure is a lot easier programming snare roll fade ins and DnB type architectural rythems (even using --I think the same author mentioned it-- the redrum tutorial writer's advice titled "the silence of the mutes") complimentary if opposable to the solo or mute approach.

So I've unleashed the Redrum on an acrobatic alcoholic spree up until I go to any of the Matrixes connected to the 'Rummer there in the Device Rack and choose 'Copy Pattern to Track' and the notes show up all right in the Sequencer and I move them from whichever particular Matrix track to the Redrum track or lane and make sure the Redrum is routed to the Redrum device of the same instance in that lane but alas no sound. So then I go back to the 'Rummer' there and adjust the sounds to make sure the lengths of the samples on the Rum device are all long and gate mode 1 (the non cutting off setting of the two of the decay/gate modes in case that's not it) turn off the matrix in case it's causing a glitch and still no sound in the redrum lane. Being the idiot I am I made sure I hadn't clicked on any of the mixer's solo or mute buttons for any device so it's not that. Then I take that note data that I copied to track out of the redrum's (there's only one redrum so that's not it either) lane and put it in, say, the Maelstrom or Subtractor Synth's Lanes, I then hear the note data. so then I look at the track itself with the data back in the redrum lane on the event level and there's no actual note data there. which then seems familiarily addressed somewhere to me. like there's a conversion ritual or something. what am I missing. I think the Props may've mentioned this somewhere.

I've read the manual and thus far no answer. I'm about to try a workaround with my sanity at this rate. if it weren't for this copy pattern to track nonsense I'd say Reason is perfect but at this rate it just rocks. what is it some kind of patent protection upheld by Steinberg or e-magic or something? I dono HEEEEEEELLP the fledgling fetchling if you can or at least if you're still awake...sorry for the Kerouac Cadillac.


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