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Old 2003-05-30, 21:50
valiumart valiumart is offline
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CubaseSX/Reason takes ages to rewire/unwire?

I don't know whether this is a well-known problem, but I couldn't find any reference to it on a board search.

I'm using Reason (2.5) rewired into CubaseSX ( on a PC (P4 1.7GHz) and once it's up and running it works pretty much fine.

However, when loading a new song (say 25 Reason devices) it freezes Cubase & Reason for probably 120 seconds before returning control to me. I assume it takes some time for Reason to let Cubase know about each device, but this slow-down seems a little excessive.

It takes a similar time to shut Reason down before I can close Cubase down. Is this well-known behaviour or can someone offer any clues?



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