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Old 2003-06-04, 00:02
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A different "Waiting for CD..." problem

Howdy, I just bought Reason and am having difficulty getting it to run on an IBM laptop with a DVD drive. When I try to fire it up Reason hangs at
"Please insert the CD
Orkester Sound Bank
Waiting for CD..."
After putting in the CD nothing happens, even after waiting 20 minutes or so. I have tried reinstalling both with and without the sound banks and also tried manually copying the sound banks to no avail. I suspect that regardless of how you install, the first time you run Reason it wants the CD's inserted, is that correct?
I think that the problem is related to the CD drive. If I put the Orkester cd in first, then run Reason, it finds the CD OK. Of course, then it wants the Factory Sound bank CD and hangs there. So I suspect that Reason doesn't understand that the new CD has been inserted. As a test I tried installing on a desktop and that worked fine, so the CD's are good.
BTW I have paid for Reason and have sent an email off to the 'Heads, but I want this to work now! New toy must work now! Grrr.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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