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Old 2003-06-07, 09:32
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Newbie Question: Need Information on capabilities of Reason

I'm a novice, who'd like to build an audio studio. I've a few questions and would appreciate help.

1. What's the difference between Reason and a program like Emagic's Logic? Does Logic contain any of the instruments that Reason does (synths, drum machines, sampler, sequencer) or is it essentially just a multi-track recording application, allowing both midi and audio input?

2. What's the difference between Reason and Reaktor (aside from Reaktor's ability to create new ensembles and instruments)? Is Reaktor an all-in-one studio like Reason or does it require sequencers, etc?

3. Can I use Reason with external samplers (such as those by Korg or Roland)? Does Reason accept external audio signal input from an instrument or just midi input from a midi device?

4. Where can I find samples that I can use with Reason to make dance music (I'm interested in the drum and bass sounds of Renegade Hardware or hip-hop sounds)?

Thanks for your assistance.

PowerMac G4, 867 Mhz, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hard drive

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