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For the last years I had been working with Cubase VST, 3.7 R2. I purchased Reason mainly due to the fact, that I wanted to connect it to Cubase via Rewire.

After I purchased Reason, I couldn't get it connected to Cubase as a host. When I opened "rewire" from the Options-menue, it would not show the channels from Reason.

My vendor told me, this could be due to my old version of Cubase and recommended me buying the new Cubase SX version, since the old Cubase 3.7 RO version might not have an efficient rewire mod. He could not guarantee, however, that this problem would be solved after installing a higher version of Cubase.

So I simply forgot about Cubase and started working with Reason and have become a total Reason-fan. Unfortunately, though, I can't change the tempo within a song as I could in Cubase when using the masterlane.

Last week, however, I bought "Rebirth". When I accidentally launched Cubase before I launched Rebirth I got the message that I have to to activate the "rewire-channels" before opening Rebirth as a slave. So now I have proof, that the rewire function does work within my Cubase-program. Cubase and Rebirth do work in perfect sync via rewire.

When opening Cubase before I open Reason I get the message "Cannot open Reason engine. Please reinstall to make sure the reason engine is properly installed"

I guess this message is due to the fact, that Cubase is already acting as a host. But unfortunately I can't activate the rewire channels for Reason, because they don't appear in the Cubase rewire-window under the Options-menue.

Am I doing something wrong? What do I have to do, to connect Reason with Cubase? So far the rewire window only shows Rebirth-functions but no Reason-Channels.

Can anyone help me? pleaaaase...

Erna from Berlin


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