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Old 2003-06-10, 18:45
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Mac G5 to be out in two weeks, confirmed! (more or less...)

Long story short: After many months of constant converage of the probable upcoming release of the PPC 970, dubbed "G5", the truth has finally been told...

It is coming in two weeks!

How do you know this, you may undoubtfully ask? Well it is a very complicated matter. It all goes back to the unknown French macintosh website MacBidouille who first reported the sighting of the Power Performace Circuit 970 in a new prototype Power Macintosh computer. Obviously it was discarded as hubbubb by many people and websites... But we should have known.

Recently the snail rumor website Appleinsider had posted a new regarding a complete confirmation of the PowerMacs on their website. And here comes the tricky part: Most, if not all, websites that have referred to that article on AppleInsider have gotten Apple Legal letters demaning them to take it down. This confirms that the actual piece of information that they gave must be true. Even the tiniest piece of leaked information can give rumor sites cease and dismiss orders from Apple, even small ones as harmless as touting that the latest revision of Apples iSync will have support for new types of cellular phones.

Fact remains that AppleInsider might have been the ones that have referred, but they are as it seems, the only ones who have not taken their information down! It has been said that the only reason why is either two reasons: Either Apples legal department is really slow, or AppleInsiders poor management has once and for all turned out to be good

Many twists and turns. But Apple Legal has once again showed how ironic the world can be. They request websites to take down information regarding upcoming computers, therefor confirming that it was true in the first place!

I had my doubts. But I woud for sure put money on that the PowerPC 970 will come in less than two weeks.

AppleInsiders mindboggling rumor:

MacRumors news on AppleInsiders rumor:

OSnews News on AppleInsiders rumor:

But just how ow fast is the Powermac G5 if it's supposed to be so fast that everybody say? (but take these with a grain of salt)

Bryce 5 test:

Cinema 4D XL test:

Photoshop test:

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