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Reason 2.5 so sadly slow on G4 upgrade

Reason 2.5 was running pretty well on my Beige G3 / 333MHz under OSX 10.2. To give myself some more headroom, I just upgraded to a G4/466MHz processor. The upgrade went smoothly, and the whole OS+Apps feel much faster.

However, Reason is *extremely* slow. It used to take 51 seconds (on the G3) to open a Basic Rack with mixer and NN-XT grand piano module in the rack. Starting the application now with the same configuration takes over 10 *minutes*!! The CPU is pegged at 100% from the minute the app starts, and the whole OS becomes completely unresponsive. If I wait long enough, MIDI input works just fine and the grand piano module plays. but clicking on a menu can take 30 seconds before it appears, and even quitting the app with a key-command will take almost a minute.

Something is clealy wrong. I certainly hope it can be remedied. So far, the card looks fine, and I'm hoping that Reason doesn't have limitations running on G4 upgrade cards. That would be a true shame, as I purchased Reason explicitly for the purpose of running it on this upgraded old studio machine.

I've emailed Prop, but I'm sure they are swamped right now. Anyone have any opinions, or experience here running Reason on an upgraded Beige G3?



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