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Audio in arugument

Firstly your argument that it would make files bulky has no relation to what we are talking about. If you are a guy who make instrumental tracks and you don't need audio in then how can it possibly make a difference to your file size. You can carry on making your non auidio in tracks and they will be the same.
I hate using rewire, it's time consuming and annoying. You probably don't understand because you don't record. but i record 4 minutes of audio, then i have to iimport all of those audio files back into reason s samplers individually and line them up perfectly on the sequencer for mixing. When you have about 20 audio files this can take hours.
The benefits for Props would be astounding. With audio in this program would open up a whole new market of customers for them. Not just techno dance freaks, but Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, simply anything. A true artist cannot mess about with rewire etc. You have an idea and you wanna lay it down quickly and nicely.
How can you be telling people who all don't have alot of money to go out and buy a whole load of Rewire applications that cost a bomb (Cubase/Logic) and take lots of time to understand.
I would say that if you go to a record store today, the music that implements Vocals, Guitar etc etc far outweighs the music that simply uses software instruments.
I know absolutley that if Props designed Audio In, then Reason would be the must have product amonst any serious artist of any genre.
I think the only reason that you complain about it is because you don't use any audio in and you just want Props to design a new Synth or something. But if you look at the grand scheme of things, and at the end of the day Props are there to make money. If i just look at Hip Hop, it is the highest money generating form of music in the world today. Imagine all these youngsters and newbies trying to make Hip Hop tracks, uising their own vocals. Not that much cash to hand. What would they prefer?? A complete stand alone studio looking beautiful and very easy to use. Or 3 different applications costing them 3 times the price and much much longer trying to figure out how to use them.
It's so simple to me when i look at it and your probably right that Props wont do it.
However when a person goes into a music store and says i have a low budget but need a product that i can do whatever i want with. Then the only answer could be REason Audio in Version. Then what else would you need!!

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