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Old 2003-06-18, 02:55
djmk2 djmk2 is offline
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HELP!! Reason Midi files wont open correctly in Cubase5

I am trying to open midi files that were created by Reason 2.5
in Cubase VST/32 5.0. They are not importing the same as when
they were arranged in Reason. The best way I could describe the the resulting problem is as follows:
If you export 16 bars of midi notation from Reason - when imported into Cubase 5 the arrangement will be "compressed" (for lack of a better term). in other words - the 16 bars are compressed into 4 bars so the resulting midi information is useless.

Is there anyone who knows if there an issue of comaptibility between midi files shared between Reason and Cubase. I read the manual and I came to learn that there were different midi file "types". As far as I know the type exported from Reason is TYPE 1. I dont know if Cubase 5 accepts TYPE 1. I have tried messing with MROS resolution settings and have gotten some varied results - but still nothing opens as it was originally arranged.

Any ideas are appreciated - being able to open Reason midi files in Cubase 5 is a necessity for my studio set up.




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