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Old 2003-06-19, 02:46
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Co-Op Work or Latin Style Hip-Hop

I generally don't like Hiphop, especially the "hiphop" posted on the songboards here. 4 measures of repeated music for 185 measures is not Hiphop. It's crap.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in working with me to write some hiphop with a bit of a latin/salsa/samba feel to it, send me an email, and/or IM me on I dream of Ac1d.

I'm anxious to try working with someone.

- idoa

ps: only email/im me if you like latin style shit, otherwise we'll be wasting eachothers time. I'm actually taking this seriously.

pps: if I sounded like an asshole, sorry. I get agitated when webspace is mis-used.

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