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Old 2003-06-20, 02:09
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stop the hiphop hate

every time some newbie comes on here with a stupid question/statement and also mentions he wants to make hiphop music, everyone seems to forget all the times newbies come on with stupid questions that dont make hiphop music. there are alot of idiots making all sorts of music, please remember that.

i ve heard alot of the trance, techno, house, and other genres of music posted on RS and most of it is just as bad as the hiphop stuff(which is horrid) posted on there.

one of my good friends is a somewhat famous and respected house dj and i cant stand to listen to that stuff for more than about 15 seconds, but that doesnt mean i think the people that make it or like it are idiots, its just not my taste in music, it doesnt make me more intelligent or cooler than someone that likes it

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