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Old 2003-06-21, 05:19
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How Do You Develop & Arrange Tunes In The Sequencer?

Hi, folks...

I'm still a relatively new user; still developing my own techniques and such. It occurs to me that there are numerous ways to do most things within Reason. I realize I still have LOTS to learn, and I'm hoping to glean a few bits of valuable info from some of you more experienced users.

Which leads me to my question...

How do *you* develop and arrange tunes in the sequencer?

Thus far, my approach goes as follows:

- I leave bars #1 and #2 open so I can use the metronome as a lead-in

- at bar #3 I begin developing my initial idea, be it verse, chorus, some minor hook, whatever... anything that initially inspired me to compose the tune in the first place

- following that phrase, I begin working on another section (and on and on) until I finally have enough parts/sections/segues to build a whole tune

- along the way I also continue to overdub various counter melodies, rhythms & textures on top of everything (knowing that I can't keep them all in the end)

- then comes the editing process; I go over each section, keeping only the best bits (sometimes discarding even my initial ideas)

- next, some final sound tweaking (I'm often amazed at how drastically my choices can change at this point in the song)

- (this is the part of the process I'm really aiming my question at) then I go past my current end-point (to bar 30 or 40) this is where I begin copying & pasting bits and pieces in their proper sequence

- after I have a fully glued-together tune, I go back to bar #3 and erase all the initial tracks

- and finally, I move all tracks of the completed tune forward to bar #1

Now... surely there are other (better ?) ways of doing this.

It dawns on me that, after developing enough parts for a full tune, I could open up a *new* file and simply copy the final, glued-together version of the tune into a fresh sequencer window. (That would save me from that final erase-and-move-forward stage, I suppose).

Anyways... I expect to keep developing and revising my techniques for quite some time to come. (Most of us do; don't we?)

I look forward to hearing from the rest of you... and thanks in advance. :-)

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